Saturday, 29 January 2011

Today's "To Do List"

Well it's looking like it's not going to be a relaxing Saturday for me - AGAIN !

1.  Been to the garage to pick up my dad's car after taking it for a service for him 'cos he's worrying about it whilst he's in hospital.

2.  Checked for sales on the website and dealt with those.

3.  Photographed some new jewellery ready to go on the website - not sure when that'll get done but fingers crossed for later on today.

4.  De-iced my car ready for the hospital run later on.

5. Finished off a jewellery set for a customer order - it's only 2 days late so that's pretty good huh ?

Now on to the things that I haven't yet done that should have been !

1.  Housework - ah well  now, that's not been done yet as I'm too busy blogging away so I guess that box won't get ticked off as 'done' until at least tomorrow - lol.

2.  Shopping - no, not enjoyable shopping like clothes and beads but horrible food shopping - that's probably going to get done after the hospital run so hopefully I can tick that one later.

Oh dear - the list is endless..........................

Catch you all later


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