Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Back in the Land of the Living again - I think !

I'm so pleased that my nasty cold finally seems to have run its course and is backing off, leaving me free to get on with my day to day life once again.  My eye is still a bit nasty but at least I can see again now - thank heaven for Opt**x Eye Drops - can you get addicted to them hee hee !  Can't believe it's over a week since it struck me down so badly; I mean who gets hit with a cold for THAT long ???  Answer - ME !

Anyway, back to normality as I said and yesterday I got a big push in the right direction with yet another of my jewellery creations being featured on a TV Jewellery Making show - fame at last perhaps lol !

Here's a piccie of the one that was shown - it's not actually on the website as yet as I did originally make it for ME !!!!!!  Perhaps it's gonna have to go on sale now though :-(

I had a delivery of gemstones on Monday which I haven't looked at yet and am waiting on the 2nd part of it today so hopefully I can get some creativity going soon and start moving forward since I've not really made anything for over a week now !

Managed to put about a dozen pieces on the website last night.  They've been sat waiting for what seems like forever - it just takes so long to photograph, them, crop them down, measure them, write the descriptions, oh dear the list is endless !

Anyway, that's enough about jewellery.  On Saturday I'm off to Stoke on Trent to a charity ball with proceeds going to the Motor Neurone Disease Society - should be a great night and hopefully will raise loads of money for this terrible disease.  Will get some pictures done on the night and you can all have a giggle some time next week at them :-)  Anyone else going ?

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